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Empowering growth-focused marketing

We have been supporting digital marketing leaders and business owners aiming for success in communication and customer engagement with our result-oriented approach and advanced omnichannel marketing solution since 2005.

With our experience, ever-increasing motivation, and innovative perspective, we continue our efforts to increase the efficiency of marketers. With the excitement of the first day.

Join SmartMessage’s global partnership that includes organizations from newly established businesses to the most established financial institutions.

Our values

Stand out from the crowd with our seamless products and people

Manage from the head and heart because we care

Act like owner whatever we do

Rise our value by living every day and everywhere

Think global act local


Our top management team, which has a strong experience in the technology and business world, plays a leading role in the progress of our brand on the right route. Our leaders combine their expertise in various disciplines, such as business development, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and engineering, with their management skills and experience, continuing to guide our global vision successfully.

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Oğuz Küçükbarak

Chief Executive Officer

Oguz started up his company at a young age with his colleague Emin Altin after gaining experience at prestigious banks in the finance sector including HSBC, TEB, and BankEuropa.

Oguz combined his industrial engineering background with fin-tech and mar-tech enthusiasm to come up with innovative software product ideas which later turned out to be number one omnichannel solution for enterprises in Turkey: SmartMessage Marketing Platform.

Oguz’s dreams continue in the form of expanding ODC and SmartMessage Marketing Platform to new geographies at an accelerating pace. Naturally, he has to do it that way since he is a motorcycle rider who believes in “Rock Hard Ride Free” philosophy. And yes, he plays electro guitar too.

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Emin Altın

Chief Operating Officer

Emin partnered with his colleague Oguz Kucukbarak to establish a company of his dreams after a successful banking career in pioneer banks of Turkey including BBVA Garanti Bank, HSBC, and BankEuropa.

With his management experience and skills, Emin played a significant role in placing ODC Business Solutions in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 list that salutes the fastest growing companies in specific sectors.

For building successful strategies “reading” has an inspirational power for Emin. Also as a devoted Galatasaray SK supporter, he always steps on the pitch for new victories and trophies. ODC’s success stories are just proofs of that.

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Ceyda Topbaş

Chief Financial Officer

Ceyda started her career at Arthur Andersen in the audit department.

She has gained vast experience in the financial statements by making the audit of companies in different sectors. She also worked as a Corporate Finance Manager at Arthur Andersen and Ernst&Young. She has completed due diligence on several projects, feasibility studies and has taken an important role in company valuations. She worked as CFO at Koç Asset Management and Yapı Kredi Asset Management.

Ceyda loves painting so much that she can literally paint everything at home. Her organizational skills are exceptional – after all, as a mother of 4, she knows how to control everything in a perfect way.

Taner Camoglu

Taner Çamoğlu

Chief Sales Officer Global

Taner Çamoğlu started his career in the banking industry in the treasury department and served as an İstanbul Stock Exchange representative. He then spent many years in Sales and Corporate Marketing at the GSM operator Avea-TT. Following this experience, he held senior leadership positions in international companies focused on the SaaS and telecommunications industries. In the SaaS field, he led projects to improve marketing efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Orçun Kurt

Chief Information Officer

After graduating from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Mathematics, Orçun started working as a Business Analyst in his SmartMessage career, where he successfully served as Project Manager, Project and Product Group Manager, Project and Solution Management Group Manager and Professional Services Head, respectively.

He is a successful professional with extensive experience and has managed successful projects of SmartMessage solutions for customers in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Nigeria and European countries.

During his time, he created and led the Project Management Office, Solution Management and Customer Support units, and was subsequently appointed as CIO in the beginning of 2024.

In his new role, he is responsible for increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction through strategic process improvements by adopting customer-centric approaches to achieve SmartMessage's strategic goals. Its mission is to spread expertise in project management and process optimization to foster innovation and drive success in a dynamic, global environment.

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