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IYS Module

Sync customer consent and preferences in line with regulations. Stay up-to-date and automate IYS compliance.

Accurate compliance. Zero workload.

Manage customer consent and preference. Reach your audience without any manual work. Store all consent records of your subscribers and ensure you’re in sync with the government’s platform.

Collect your leads everywhere without any worry.

The way you gatherstore and manage their data is important.

Send consent obtained from your customers to IYS –with the required format and information. 

Start your campaigns with peace in mind.

It is already compliant to go when you want to start a campaign. 

İYmodule regularly synchronizes your audiences’ consent and preferences to ensure you’re up to date. 

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Always compliant across all channels.

Whether it is an IVR (Interactive Virtual Response), SMS, or e-mail preferencesSmartMessage syncs them all with İYS.

It keeps you up-to-date across channels. 

Stay compliant with communication regulation.