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Whatsapp Business Marketing

Boost your engagement on the most popular messaging app. Stay in touch with your customers, leads and business partners anytime and anywhere.



More than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends, family, and businesses anytime and anywhere – including your customers. How about engaging with your audience in the most efficient way via SmartMessage’s WhatsApp Marketing Solution?

Productive conversations at scale

Improve your WhatsApp Business performance with SmartMessage’s messaging excellence. Increase customer satisfaction, retain your customers and drive profitable results with bulk messages or two-way conversations in your customers’ favorite instant messaging tool.  

Your new campaign channel

With SmartMessage, you can use WhatsApp as an effective campaign channel. You can initiate efficient bulk messaging and reach a wider audience. Ignite meaningful interactions and effortlessly generate quality leads that will grow your business. Build unbreakable bonds with your audience through customer retention strategies.

Unlocked capabilities across essential business functions

Build trust and loyalty with your customers by ensuring that the customer experience is consistent across all channels. Communicate the way your customers prefer, in compliance with GDPR and regulations. Deliver unparalleled experiences that will keep your customers coming back for more. It can be a swiss-army data knife to any person in your company.

Seamless experiences start here

With SmartMessage’s proven omnichannel marketing expertise, you have the chance to deliver unified experiences from one place. Use other channels like email, SMS, and push notifications in perfect harmony along with WhatsApp. 

Hyper-personalized. Just as today’s customers wanted

Modern consumers request meaningful conversations tailored for them. Send the right offers with on-time responses and increase loyalty across your user base. 

Trusted by industry leaders

Why Should I Choose SmartMessage for WhatsApp Business Marketing? 


SmartMessage is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP)

WhatsApp Business helps businesses and customers connect quickly and easily. SmartMessage enables brands to engage better with their audiences in this most popular messaging app.

Our company is globally entrusted by industry pioneers across diverse sectors

With our unmatched experience and proven expertise, we serve top organizations that interact with millions of users and customers.

We provide deployment flexibility and scalability

On-premises, cloud, or hybrid. SmartMessage supports all types of deployment to suit clients’ needs. Our platform is reliable and scalable for any capacity upgrades and usage rearrangements.

We are truly omnichannel

SmartMessage is an expert in utilizing a communication channel for customer needs. Our clients enjoy running seamless campaigns across channels like email, SMS, push, and more along with WhatsApp.

Our platform is a centralized, easy-to-use, and productive tool for marketing

Creating WhatsApp Business campaigns is super simple with SmartMessage. User experience is enriched with effective tracking and reporting.

Flawless integration is in our DNA

Seamlessly connecting with various platforms and tools, SmartMessage empowers businesses to streamline their marketing efforts and get the best results. We have the unmatched experience of quick deployment and flawless integration, communicating effectively with your core systems, CRM, and marketing tools.

Get the most powerful conversational channel.