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Michelangelo AI

Simplify your content creation, campaign delivery and chatbot management. Use AI to stay one step ahead of your customers and create personalized experiences they'll love.

Generative AI

Productivity for your campaigns and content  

Embrace SmartMessage’s generative AI to streamline your customer engagement. Let AI handle the routine tasks of creating personalized content and images, so you can focus your time on strategic planning and creative thinking. 

Conversational AI

Deliver two-way conversations 

Unlock the power of natural language processing (NLP) to drive two-way conversations that understand and respond to your customers. With Conversational AI, you can engage in meaningful dialogues, decode user intent and delivering personalized responses that resonate. 

Michelangelo AI

Branding Tool

Define your brand identity and create visuals and texts that align with it.

Audience Tailored Content

Craft campaign content tailored to your target audience.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Use ready-to-use templates as a starting point to quickly use your content.

AI Inspirations

Choose from a variety of themes to infuse your content with unique and attention-grabbing elements.

Image Content Generation

Transform your ideas into engaging visual content effortlessly.

Two-way Conversations

Our advanced Conversational AI utilizes NLP to comprehend and cater to user inquiries in real-time.

Make marketing efficient with Michelangelo AI.