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Campaign Manager

Engage with your customers across multiple channels. Build, schedule, and manage data-driven marketing campaigns. Simplify campaign execution.

Supermassive smart messages.

Build engaging campaigns through cross-channels and make your data speak. Bring targeted messages that resonate with a wide range of audiences.  Collect and translate data from all sources into instant reports and optimize your campaigns.

Experience the ease and simplicity of crafting compelling content for your campaigns with SmartMessage Campaign Manager’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Gain complete control of your campaigns and watch your messages thrive as you dive into customers’ mindsets.

Across multiple channels


  • One-time, recurring, and growth experiments
  • Automatic spam testing and scoring 
  • Campaign and transactional sendings 
  • E-mail attachment capability 
  • Drag & drop e-mail editor
  • Remote SMTP


  • One-time and recurring campaigns 
  • Concat SMS 
  • Campaign and transactional sendings 
  • URL shortening and tracking 
  • Determining link expiration date 
  • Deliver and click rate analytics

Push Notification

  • One-time and recurring
  • Text/rich/interactive/carousel push 
  • Campaign & transactional sendings 
  • GIF& Video push 
  • In-App Messages 
  • Customizable notification sounds 
  • Badge count control

Campaign Manager

Personalized Marketing 

Deliver targeted messages.

Open & Click Analytics 

Track detailed data.

Multilingual Campaigns

Manage multilingual templates.

Frequency Capping 

Control maximum number of messages.

Centralized Reporting 

Data-driven optimization.

Scheduled Campaigns 

Advance time zone management.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Deliver campaigns that visually stand out.

High & Fast Deliverability

Deliver fast to inbox, always.

Deliver omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Build and deliver engaging campaigns across e-mail, SMS, MMS, and mobile push messaging channels. Imply a multifaceted approach to reaching customers where they are. Build unbreakable bonds with your audience through customer retention.

Build and improve scheduled and recurring campaigns. Focus on creating visually exciting e-mails with drag & drop content builder. Develop and manage the API Triggered cross-channel campaigns.

Provide personalized experience, attract right audience.

Track customers’ habits and behaviors. Connect behavioral and transactional data from various sources to deliver personalized messages across channels.

Bridge the online and offline worlds by leveraging accurate data at scale to provide complete visibility of customer behaviors. Create content-driven campaigns people want to read and click.

Get all the centralized information you need.

Unleash your marketing with centralized campaign tracking and analysis. Collect and unify data regardless of the channel using multiple import methods.  Empower proven algorithms to crunch various data and generate real-time customer insights.

After you drop the message to the inbox, use insights to optimize. Connect behavioral and transactional data from various sources to deliver personalized messages across channels.

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