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Audience Manager

Merge your customer data from any source into a single profile and manage them faster. Step into the world of insight-led brilliance.

Unify core, talk more.

Have a clear picture of your customers and keep your connection tight. Think inside the box, and care for all your customers as individuals through a single unified customer profile. With SmartMessage Audience Manager you can store, secure, and reproduce your customers’ data from all the possible sources without ceasing. It enables you to be aware communication preferences of your audience and implement a communication plan. Explore the realm of ROI maximization.

Audience Manager

Unified Customer Profile

Collect, store and unify customer data into a single profile.

Customer Data Enrichment

Improve the quality of datasets from multiple sources.

Communication Preferences

Manage preferred methods or channels of your audience.

Behavioral Segmentation

Use your web and in-app data to segment the audience.

Static Lists and Dynamic Segments

Divide audience into groups based on customer data.

Bulk Sync

Synchronize a large number of entities in your database.

Experience greater reach with tailored messages.

Target all the valuable messages accurately! Having static lists and dynamic segments allows you to engage your customers and create a cohesive marketing strategy. Never underestimate the power of personalized communications.

Track what customers do and want. Tailor your messages through in-depth audience data. Observe, act, and improvise. Use in-app data-backed behavioral segmentation to improve customer experience.

Take advantage of quality data.

Single profile to rule them all! Collect, store, and unify omnichannel customer data seamlessly with a unified customer profile. You can build and maintain living profiles in near real-time. Cleanse your database and identify duplicate accounts without a glitch. It is a path to value with a laser-like focus on a single individual.

Fit demographic, third-party, and interaction data into a box. This single box allows you to improve the quality of the customer data to target better and personalize marketing campaigns. Organize and keep your desk tidy.

Better understand customers' communication preferences.

Build trust and loyalty with your customers by ensuring that the customer experience is consistent across all channels. Communicate the way your customers prefer, in compliance with GDPR and regulations. Deliver unparalleled experiences that will keep your customers coming back for more. It can be a swiss-army data knife to any person in your company.

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