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Integrated Management System Policy

As SmartMessage, our “Integrated Management System” policy, which is based on the principle of continuous improvement that we have created in the light of the vision of taking an active part in the transformation processes to respond to the world’s leading organizations, changing business environments and customer expectations by offering interrelated experiences, adding new channels and developing marketing and communication strategies, is below. expressed:

Within the scope of Quality Management System;

  • To comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard in our activities,
  • To provide services to meet customer needs and expectations in the national and international markets in which we operate,
  • Continuously increasing added value for our customers and stakeholders,
  • Comply with legal and other obligations in all markets we serve,
  • To work efficiently by using effective communication techniques to ensure customer satisfaction in our activities,

Within the scope of Information Security and Privacy Management System;

  • To comply with the requirements of ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards in our activities,
  • To protect information and personal data from all intentional or unintentional internal or external threats by systematically evaluating information and personal data in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility in the activities of collecting, reporting, sharing and processing information and personal data,
  • To comply with the national and international legal and other requirements that we are obliged to regarding information security and privacy,
  • To provide the necessary resources to achieve the goals we have set in order to ensure information security and privacy,

Within the scope of Business Continuity Management System;

  • To comply with the requirements of ISO 22301 standards in our activities,
  • To protect the safety and health of our company’s employees, managers and visitors in the event of an incident,
  • To minimize the effects of any event or disruption so that it remains below the impact tolerance levels declared in the business impact analysis,
  • To protect all financial costs related to incidents or disruptions at levels that will be covered by our company’s insurance,
  • To protect our company’s reputation as a reliable and reliable supplier and service provider and to ensure that our business is not negatively affected by mitigating and corrective actions after any disruption,
  • To protect our company’s brand and image during or after any incident or disruption,

We undertake to develop solutions in the fields of installation, customization services, digital services, support services and accessibility in line with customer demands and expectations in our sector, customize these solutions according to customer needs and ensure continuous development and improvement.