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Conversation Manager

Create chatbot revolution across channels. Provide natural conversations by AI-powered interactions.

AI-powered chatbot excellence.

Automate valuable conversations performed frequently with customers. Create natural and personal interactions. Develop chatbots that humanly tailor conversations. Boost perceived warmth, intimacy, and sociability by customers. Discover how customers feel about the experience.  

Can AI be funny? Yes. A warm virtual partner for every conversation. Prevent customers from waiting to receive responses. Manage a significant amount of chat simultaneously across multiple channels (Facebook, Telegram, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, and Webchat). 

Conversation Manager

Multiple Channels 

Use data to deliver your targeted messages.

AI Integrations

A variety of natural language tasks. (NLP & LUIS & AI)

No-Code Chatbot Builder

A simple guide to doing something new.

Hybrid Response Systems 

Bot and agent collaboration.

Bot Evaluation and Reporting

Explore real-time analytics.

Chatbot Templates 

Easily cover most popular cases.

Rich Messages 

Buttons, images, quick replies, and more.

Multi-Lingual Bots 


Marketing, sales, and support.

Streamline your communication workflow to improve productivity and efficiency in your team. Reach out to your customers proactively to boost engagement. Customize the story aligned with your needs.  

Engage across channels and unify all conversations in one inbox. Create an automated response system and meet high-volume demands. Let chatbots interpret customer requests and execute accurate commands. 

Most powerful satisfaction engine.

Reach and comprehend. Deliver more delightful conversations every moment with powerful language models. 

Collect positive feedback for every conversation. Offer innovative solutions through automated assistants. Measure your quality of interaction to improve customer experience. Review analytics and take care of all the customers’ needs.  

Adaptive customer experience.

Empower chatbots that simulate human-like conversations. No coding skills are needed—just a simple user interface for a smooth operation. Use ready-to-go templates and customize the mind behind conversations. Improve attitude and quality of interaction. 

Communication is everything. Employ AI to handle customers’ specific issues and understand more complex questions. How? Map user input & intent, classify the message and automatically prepare a fitting response. 

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