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The day we publish this blog post coincides with an interesting date. The date 22/02/22 sets an example for words and numbers that are the same when written backward, called a palindrome. We have brought together 22 interesting facts about SmartMessage to add color to this rare situation in history.

A team with a family culture

Let us start with SmartMessage’s core strength, its employees. Here are the prominent features of SmartMessage in this regard:

1) Gender equality is one of the key features of SmartMessage. 50 percent of employees and senior management are women. Especially for a technology company, this is an important percentage.

2) SmartMessage’s weight is made up of millennial employees. However, generation Z is taking firm steps forward for the company as well 🙂

3) In particular, the close friendship among the employees and the fact that it is an environment where there is a family culture are among the most praised features of the work atmosphere.

4) Among the SmartMessage members, there are musicians, actors, and sportsmen who are close to the professional level.

5) One of the most important characteristics of the company is the love for pets. Most members at all levels from senior management to junior positions have pets.

6) “Happy Friday” events, which continued regularly until before the pandemic, are among the unforgettables of the brand. The social aspect of the employees was also strengthened in the activities carried out by each department with different concepts. Many enjoyable hours were spent from the eighties to the karaoke party, from street delicacies to local food days.

7) The CEO of the company attracts attention with his energetic nature and especially his passion for rally and motorsports. There are also professional races that he regularly tries to participate in every year.

8) The firm’s flag became a flag taken to the “North Cape”, the northernmost tip of the world. You can watch this interesting story on SmartMessage’s official Instagram account under the “Bike Diaries” title under the stable stories.

9) SmartMessage became one of the first companies to switch to a completely remote working system since the pandemic started.

10) Participated in the first inter-company team competition in the field of basketball in the “Tek Pota Ligi”. The tournament was interrupted due to the pandemic.

Achievements and Customers

Let us take a look at the company’s achievements and ecosystem.

11) SmartMessage has many domestic and international awards. The company, which entered Deloitte‘s list of the fastest-growing technology companies in Turkey 5 times in a row, was awarded 3 times at the European Business Awards.

12) The first client was a retail giant, although the firm had more dominance in finance and insurance.

13) The first global customer was from Nigeria.

14) Although its customers in the finance and insurance sectors come to the fore, SmartMessage offers services to a range of companies in 18 different business areas.

15) SmartMessage cooperates with important technology brands in Turkey and around the world. Apart from the telecommunication leaders in Turkey and the Middle East, Microsoft, Tata Consultancy and Validity are among them.

16) The company is among the rare technology companies that have received investment as “Scale-Up” in Turkey.

Brand and Awareness Journey

17) SmartMessage has gone through a comprehensive “Rebranding” process three times in its 17-year journey.

18) The brand has websites not only in English and Turkish but also in Chinese and Vietnamese.

19) SmartMessage has carried out events and promotional activities in 21 different countries on 4 continents in the global arena.

What about the platform?

20) The fact that SmartMessage is especially preferred by large corporations highlights its on-premise experience. However, the platform is also used in hybrid and cloud. In this context, customers are offered flexibility and advantages in terms of deployment.

21) The word message in its name means two-way communication. In other words, it is in question to manage both outbound and inbound communications to users. In addition, the platform also offers advanced marketing automation features to customers.

22) Years of experience, consistent and reliable high performance are among the prominent features that companies with up to millions of users choose SmartMessage. That is why big institutions that appeal to a wide audience are knocking on the door of SmartMessage.

If you want to join the SmartMessage family, click for open positions.