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As a brand, you want to ensure that you create an identity that is unique and recognizable. As you do this, you want to ensure that when communicating with potential customers, you make a unique and personalized experience for them. So, what’s the meaning of hyper-personalization marketing, and which tools are best to implement this tactic? 

What is Hyper-Personalization?

Hyper-personalization is a tactic that brands use to ensure that they are creating tailor-made solutions for their customers. They do this by creating unique information and experiences to define how they market themselves. Hyper-personalization is done by customizing certain elements and tactics to target your customer’s needs and desires uniquely. This can be done by using a range of hyper customization tools, AI, and data. The aim of these tools is to better understand the perspective of the customers and design marketing tactics that are unique to them. 

What is the Difference Between Personalization and Hyper-Personalization?

Most standard forms of personalization look to segment certain customers into groups based on information like gender, age and purchase history. Hyper-personalization takes this one step further by using an individual’s unique characteristics based on data the brand collects. Hyper-personalization, for example, won’t only look into the previous purchases that a consumer has made. They will go a bit further and collect information on what a customer has been interested in the past. Collecting this data is essential, and your brand will need an assortment of tools to ensure this process is done correctly. 

What are Hyper-Personalization Tools?

Hyper-personalization tools are used to create advertisements that will target your customers. These tools need to be specifically designed to ensure that the data collected is used in the most appropriate way.  This allows you to better segment and personalize the advertisements that you use. The following is a brief look at a few of these tools and why they’re so beneficial

  • Product Recommendations: Product recommendation tools can be used to provide users on your page with products that are most relevant to their unique needs. These tools use data based on previous searches and internet history to ensure that the consumer wants the products that are recommended. 
  • Live Visitor Count: A live visitor count can increase the urgency of the customer and make them aware that the product they are interested in is in limited stock. Very often, customers will hesitate to finalize a purchase. This is often because they want to have a bit of time to think about whether or not the product you offer is something they need. The live visitor count can help to speed up this decision-making and get them to make a purchase. 
  • Personalized Pop-Ups: Personalized pop-ups can be a great advertising tool to entice your customers further to make a purchase. These tools create a unique experience for users who see them and drive sales further. 

What are the Advantages of Hyper-Personalization?

The main advantage of using hyper-personalization is that it allows brands to better target customers with products and services they are most likely to purchase. This more target-driven approach to marketing is able to supply businesses with the tools that they need to form better relationships. This will make the brand seem more approachable. 

What Should Be Considered in Hyper-Personalization Strategies?

When deciding which tools and strategies would be most effective when thinking about hyper-personalization, the following should be taken into consideration. 

Data Collecting

To create a unique experience for each individualized customer, you have to have data to segment them. Data collection tools can help track and store information based on the consumer experience. This helps in monitoring what they are interested in and even looking to get information on what they’d have clicked on the last time they visited your online store. This data is then stored and used to segment certain groups of people together. This segmentation allows you to target customers with specific advertisements to entice them further to purchase from your store. Omnichannel marketing is an essential part of data collection. You want to ensure that the information you’ve been provided with is directed to the consumer on multiple channels, giving you the best chance of making a sale. 

Customized Offer

Customized offers are provided to a customer based on their previous interactions with your products. This customized offer is usually in the form of a discount that can be applied when they checkout. Customizing offers for specific individuals can’t only help to make a sale but also reinforces the consumer’s trust in your brand. Don’t forget that: They are far more likely to return if they feel that your business hears them. 

Various Channels

Using multiple channels for your hyper-personalized marketing tactics is a vital part of any strategy. Omnichannel marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that your brand is kept fresh in the mind of both your current and potential customers. Various advertisements across different platforms ensure that your brand is getting seen as much as possible. This further increases your chances of making a sale and also increasing your brand identity. 


Timing is crucial when it comes to hyper-personalization. You need to be promoting the products or services you offer to your potential customers at just the right time to ensure that they make a purchase. Most tools will base the time they use advertising tactics on when the customer was last active on your website. This is because the products or services they were looking at are still fresh in their mind. The advertising tactics you use could make them rethink not finalizing the purchase. Timing is a vital part of any campaign. Using different advertising tactics across multiple channels can ensure that customers who visit your website receive constant communication on your various offers. These communication tactics’re often accompanied by a customized offer to entice them further. 

What Can You Gain in Hyper-Personalization Processes with SmartMessage Products and Services?

Hyper-personalization is all about creating a unique customer experience, using tools to segment your audience and find ways to understand their needs better. Our team here at SmartMessage can help you design, develop and deploy hyper-personalized coding strategies to collect the data you need and use this information to target your customers. Our team of experts is able to take full control of the processes. Our services will ensure that you’ve an effective hyper-personalization strategy that can be deployed quickly.