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Your brand’s image and how others perceive your business is essential. Brand identity models can help ensure that when a customer sees your products, brand name or, even just your logo, they’re able to identify who you’re. Marketing yourself in the best way possible will ensure your business is recognizable to potential customers and align a sense of trust and accountability with your brand. 

What is Brand Identity?

If they know who you’re and what you do, recognizing your brand can help push potential customers to use your business for their needs. Product design and the branding of things like logos all fall within a business’s brand identity. Ensuring that you’ve an effective brand identity can help drive business your way and increase your company’s overall profit. Brand identity can be extremely beneficial as it helps to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This is important as people tend to go to places they’re familiar with, choosing brands they know over ones they don’t. 

What Does Brand Identity Cover?

Brand identity covers many different things, ranging from the pop-ups on your website to your email strategy. Advertising and social media presence is a large part of brand identity. These channels need to be similar as this ensures that customers feel a sense of connection between your business and the products you sell. When your brand is starting out, it’s important to align brand identity and develop a streamlined approach to what your business stands for. This is important as change can often be disconcerting for a customer. 

Why is Brand Identity Important?

With online marketing, it has become extremely important that your business can be identified by your customers and differentiated from the competition. This ensures that those who buy from you know who they’re and will return. It’s likely that you’ve hundreds of different businesses offering the same service and products as you do. Setting yourself apart from the rest will mean that your customers have a unique and valuable experience every time they interact with an aspect of your brand. This makes customers aware of why your business is the better brand to go with and creates an environment that they will want to return to. 

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

Creating a strong brand identity design is imperative and asking yourself “What’s brand identity? How can we shape the way we’re perceived?” indicates you’re on the right track. To start, you should be able to separate brand identity and brand image. Brand image is how customers perceive your business, while brand identity is what you’re doing to shape this image. Brand image, for example, could be the feelings customers have when looking at your logo. Your brand image will be the tactics you’re using to shape this perception. Coming up with unique tactics would improve your brand’s awareness, leading you to build a stronger, trusted, and desired brand.

How to Reflect Brand Identity in Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to better connect with your customers and it’s important to keep your email content in line with your brand identity. Because the emails received by your customers and leads will reflect who you’re, what you do, and how. Here is how you can use email marketing as a tactic to reflect brand identity. 

Don’t Constantly Send Sales Emails

Building a solid relationship between you and your customers is vital and it can’t be made only by sending sales emails. Personalized interactions include supplying those on your email lists with discounts, news about changes to your brand and other helpful and relevant information. This will help develop a stronger relationship with your customers. Email marketing is about much more than sales and can be a great tool to help display your brand identity and better connect with your customers. 

Segment Your Audience to Personalize Emails

Personalisation is a vital part of any marketing strategy. While you can’t send individual emails to your entire list, this is far too time-consuming. You can segment certain groups of individuals and provide them with topics and information they’d be interested in. Sending the exact same email to a 76-year-old woman and a 25-year-old male may be too generalized. These two individuals may not be using your business to purchase the same items or for the same reasons. Personalizing your emails according to your lists would enable you to underline their specific needs and solutions. This makes your offer more relevant to the receiver which would lead to building a better and stronger connection between your brand and your customers. 

Send Clear and Easy-to-read Emails

Using a clear tone and voice would increase your content’s readability. You’d also want your content’s gist to be understood and not be lost within the complicatedness of the content and the design. Designing your email marketing tactics with your brand identity in mind can ensure that the reader is compelled to continue on and read further. Clearly defining the point of the email and using your brand identity to structure the design and layout of the content can assure fluency and improve your email marketing results.

Make Sure Your Email Templates are Compatible with Each Other

You should segmentify and personalize your content accordingly though you’ve to keep your emails coherent and in line with your brand identity. Your emails should have the same basic look and structure to ensure that your brand isn’t creating a disconcerting and confusing experience for your customers. 


Level Up Your Email Marketing with SmartMessage Marketing Platform

Shaping your brand image through developing your identity is an important part of leveling up your email marketing. Using the right tactics to develop your content will impact how your consumers perceive your brand and the products or services you may sell. Our team at SmartMessage is able to help you develop your brand identity and ensure that it is reflected through your email marketing tactics. With algorithms, software and tools to help structure content and design email lists, the possibilities are endless. For more information on how our team can help improve your email marketing through our platform, please don’t hesitate to contact us.