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One effective way of engaging with your new subscribers is implementing a lifecycle email strategy. This strategy includes many important stages such as “Welcome” and “Goodbye” messages in case of subscription cancellations.

Let us summarize the main stages in the lifecycle email marketing:

Welcome: It is the first delivery to introduce and promote your brand. After starting with a short introduction of your company, you may share frequency information so that your subscribers will know how often you will contact them. You need to stick with the timing you shared otherwise excessive messages will cause unsubscription cases or will be marked as spam the worse.

Uncompleted Actions: Your subscribers may leave products in the basket or quit your website without completing a form. It is useful to send reminder emails even with personalized offers to encourage them for completion. Especially in industries like e-commerce where the fast transaction is critical, abandoned basket case is the leading emailing scenario. According to studies, emails targeting abandoned basket cases will lead up to 70% win back.

Retention Programs: For customers that have not been to your site, that have not bought a product or read your emails, you may offer a gift cheque or a coupon code via email. Actions like these help you increase interactions with inactive customers and have a positive effect on your reach. You may improve your email hygiene deleting the users that are unreachable, and continue with an active audience.

Goodbye Message: Your users may want to unsubscribe for a period, or permanently. Ending up the relation in a proper way is as important as the welcoming stage. It is possible that your users will come back and resubscribe or recommend you in their network. A well-designed goodbye message with content will be a good first step of retention. You may even add a small survey to learn the reason for unsubscription and have valuable feedback to improve your products, services or digital assets.

Some statistics highlighting the importance of  lifecycle email marketing:

  • According to research by Experian, “Welcome” emails have 4x more open and 5x more click rates compared with other emails.
  • Another Experian research shows that customers that receive abandoned basket emails shop 2.4x more compared to ones that do not.
  • A Blue Hornet search indicates that 74.4% of users wait “Welcome” email after subscription.

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