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Marketing activities of e-commerce and digital marketing companies are aimed at reaching consumers directly and announcing opportunities. In this context, it is essential to take advantage of all the possibilities of technology. In order for these studies to be successful, it is necessary to reach as many subscribers as possible on social media or e-mail platforms. The higher the number of subscribers, the higher the efficiency to be obtained from marketing efforts.

Deliver Value to Users

In today’s world, internet is one of the indispensable needs of people. Users do not want to be registered in the subscriber list of every company. By subscribing, they are both reluctant to share their information and do not wish to encounter the spamming situation of brands. That’s why you need to show your customers that you add value on subscription jerseys. In addition, you can specify what kind of content and opportunities your customers can benefit from by subscribing to the platform in the subscription forms.

Engage Your Audience

When people sign up for a platform, they question whether it is interesting. The attractiveness of the sales made in this context is in the hands of the site owner. The number of subscribers can be increased by attracting the attention of the target audience with the prepared images and content. In addition, factors such as printing blog posts related to the field of activity and SEO work will increase the number of subscribers significantly.

Use Pop Ups

Using pop ups with the right channels is very important for returning to the web page. In addition to campaign and opportunity announcements, you can get very effective results from the use of pop ups for e-mail subscription. In particular, users who spend a certain time on the page will leave the page, while a pop up display can extend the time they stay on the page. This feature is sensitive to user mouse cursor movement. When the user is going to close the full page, a pop-up appears.

Add Subscription Form to End of Content

“How to gain subscribers?” is in the mind of every user who intends to sell their products with e-commerce marketing. There is definitely a question. One of the ways to increase your site’s subscribers is the content to be prepared. Users who read engaging content are attracted to the brand. By adding a subscription form under the blog or content, users who visit the site can be directed to subscribe.

Streamline the Subscribe Process

The user wants the subscription process to be as easy as possible. For this reason, the subscription forms you prepare should contain as simple and short information as possible. The user should be able to do all the operations in one step. In this sense, the method most commonly used by companies is to request only the e-mail address from the subscriber. Thus, the user can be added to the subscriber list with just his e-mail address, without providing any extra information.

Referral on Social Networks

You do not have to make an e-mail subscription using only your e-commerce site. You can also direct your followers on social media platforms to your site. With a simple sharing, you can let your followers know what advantages they will have if they subscribe. You can also share a link for it. In this way, you will attract your followers on social media to your e-commerce site.

Take Tests with A/B testing

Frequent tests should be conducted to question users’ satisfaction with the operation of the site and the products sold. The tests will contribute to the necessary feedback by measuring how the user reacts to the work done. In other words, the study is a kind of R&D study.

Stay Connected With Your Users

Constant connection with users increases brand awareness. In this context, a thank you or welcome e-mail can be sent to new subscribers. In addition, it is possible to send e-mails to all subscribers about campaigns and opportunities to keep them constantly updated. Of course, moderation is very important here. Users also do not like to receive frequent mail from the same brand. No business wants the emails you send to be reported as spam by users.

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