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If you are trying to deliver a consistent message to a vast audience from many different prospects, reaching maximum effectiveness across your channels may not be as easy as it seems.

The banking industry is one of the business areas where efficiency of personalized communication with the customers is extremely critical. Channels used for mass interactions should be utilized in a way that communication will be in harmony and flawless. This is the reason why so many leading actors in this sector prefer to get professional service and use trustworthy platforms for such crucial executions.

Like many pioneers in the banking industry, Turkey’s largest private bank Isbank was also in search of a robust platform for better performing messaging infrastructure. Considering the size of the bank’s audience (over 1400 branches, 6500 ATMs and 25000 personnel) and the communication needs of different departments, an easy to manage but high performing system was the subject of interest to overcome the problems caused by disintegration and decentralization.

The needs and the well-matched solution

To summarize, the bank needed an easily manageable, reportable and interactive solution for a flawless SMS and e-mail communication.

This was the moment SmartMessage came on the scene. The bank loved the idea of controlling all communication activities through a centralized solution. The integration with the bank’s inner systems (like Event & Action Manager) was no problem at all thanks to the platform’s flexible infrastructure (and experiences from successful integrations for many different clients in the banking sector).

When you prefer a solid omnichannel marketing platform, you enjoy the performance improvement in the planning, controlling and execution stages. Isbank ran campaigns, notifications, One Time Password, and interactive SMS actions through SmartMessage without any difficulty. And more interestingly, even a location-based interactive SMS service was executed leading the customers to the nearest ATMs and branches wherever they were.

What about the results? Let them speak for themselves:

  • The bank’s SMS & e-mail volumes increased by 5 times.
  • Time and cost savings reached a peak in SMS & e-mail deliveries.
  • The needed centralized cost-based management for different business units was realized perfectly.
  • Tendrils reached out to all bank systems.

If you look for such a centralized and high performing system, please feel free to get in touch with us to have detailed information.