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SMS marketing is still one of the effective methods of customer engagement. The opportunity is big: You can deliver instant notifications to all your customers in your network by a messaging service and practically reach out to almost everyone that has a mobile phone. Approximately 65% of the world population uses SMS and that covers 5.5 billion subscribers (GSMA Intelligence). Moreover, people spend 5 hours on their cellphones on a daily average. So, considering this widely used tool in marketing strategy can be beneficial for success. SMS marketing campaigns are efficient tools to reach out to mobile users and turn them into potential customers. SMS engagement rates indicate the potential. As one of the most used features in cell phones, SMS, stands out with 47.1%(Fluent).

On the world average, people look at their phones approximately 150 times a day. Also, 83% of mobile users read SMS messages 3 minutes after receiving (Open Market). It is possible to say that it is faster than an email reply time. For example, as response time for a legal email is about 1.5 hours, for SMS it is 1.5 minutes(CTIA). People are still curious about SMS messages.


Details that Require Attention While Creating SMS Campaigns


Let us start with some basics for SMS Campaign success: Using a clear tone and choosing the right keywords are the foundations of an engaging campaign. Calls to action, interesting offers also should be included in every message that is sent to increase interactivity. Also, the results of campaigns should be tracked and analyzed to understand what works and what does not for continuous progress. Offers should look attractive and irresistible. Last but not least, the campaigns should be compliant with personal data regulations regarding countries and regions. For example, if you aim to run a campaign for EU citizens, you should be aware of GDPR and have the necessary consent requirements in place.


Setting the tone of SMS Campaigns


Creating an impressive tone is the backbone of content success. Since the purpose is to encourage the person who receives the SMS, the SMS marketing strategy should also have encouraging characteristics as in all forms of marketing methods. The SMS content, created with a maximum of 160 characters, is an efficient call as a reminder or notifier. The campaign should focus on informing and notifying rather than being discomforting.


Things to Avoid While Creating The Campaign


Campaign owners should avoid using complex sentences which may result in the delivery of mixed messages. Speaking of the lists, you should never buy or use ones just to expand your reach. Your lists should be compliant with consent regulations. SMS campaigns should not be created by adding random numbers. That may cause legal problems. You need to make sure that the people receiving your SMS give permission for further notifications.


Steps Of Creating A Successful Campaign


In order to reach success in SMS marketing, your content should be attractive. If you want to get positive feedback, make sure that 160 characters have an intriguing impact. You can A/B test the campaigns to understand what works better. If you use curiosity increasing nuances in your campaign, the efficiency you will receive will be higher. Also, while setting up an SMS campaign, your offers should not look unrealistic. You should always include CTAs to create engagement be it buying your product or service, downloading your document or other action you want your users to take.

1- Expand Your SMS List With Proper Methods


To expand your SMS list, you can actively use social media, content marketing tactics fand prepare promotional events. You should always have the required consent and permissions from your users when they share their personal information with you. Avoid buying mobile phone number lists.


2- Consistency For Success


To create marketing strategies and set the stage for success, you should keep the users’ pulse. Your first SMS campaign may not deliver the results you expect, but still, you should go on trying different content variations and delivery timings. Mobile marketing is also a continuous process where you should adapt yourself to the behavior pattern changes of your customers. The consistency will also enable you to understand your audience better.


3- Track and Analyze the Results


After successfully implementing the setting up and executing the campaign, you should track and analyze the results to make your next move better. A good professional omnichannel service will deliver you the analysis of your SMS campaigns. Based on the data you can make sound decisions and get prepared for more efficient activities.


4- Think Like Your Users


Sometimes even an experienced and successful marketer may face failure in SMS marketing. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of customers. Putting yourself in their shoes will increase your success. They should get clear messages and feel you are there for them.


5- Define a Clear Success Criteria for Your Goals


You should definitely define each goal clearly, use performance reports wisely. Without setting goals you cannot evaluate how successful you are. You can also use benchmark reports to compare how well your campaigns perform. Setting up realistic goals will be a key to success like in many other strategies in the business world.


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