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2019 was a year where we experienced technology’s growing impact on marketing again. Especially on the predictive analysis and automation sides, marketers started to get more advantage of advances in creating better experiences and running more efficient campaigns. As we welcome 2020, we compiled MarTech trends that will continue to be on the scene for your interest.

Technology will work even closer with marketing

In last years we talked about how AI and ML helped marketers in improving predictive skills, knowing their audiences better, delivering hyper-personalized campaigns, and optimizing processes. In 2020, we will see more organizations getting advantage of these advances. Gartner even predicts a more sophisticated automation stage ‘hyper-automation’ will start opening the door to ‘real-time, continuous intelligence’. Also, especially industries like retail will get more benefits from AR and VR.

Conversational experiences will grow

Statistics show that more and more people on earth prefer instant messaging as the first communication channel. With the increasing impact of chatbots in the business scene, brands will spend more time on conversational experience engagement with their audiences. Voice also will have a bigger share in especially search creating marketing opportunities for brands.

Content marketing trends

Creating engaging content will still be crucial for marketing success in the next year. Video marketing and UGC (User Generated Content) will keep their importance in increasing reach and interactivity. Influencer marketing will be among the top strategies marketers prefer for attractive content in 2020 as well.

MarTech tools continue to assist in hyper-personalization and better customer experiences

The MarTech landscape will be providing tools to track, analyze, and predict user interactions, thus enabling marketers to create more efficient communications. Real-time data processing and relevant context-based marketing efforts will enable brands to better engage with their customers.

Basic channels will still be important

Even though we will experience ongoing progress in new tech, channels like email and mobile will still be effective in delivering expected results. Omnichannel engagement will be essential to unify experiences and increase customer satisfaction. MarTech products and services will empower brands to get the maximum out of digital channel activities.

As we step into 2020, we would also like to share with you top 3 blog posts from our blog shared in 2019:

We wish you a productive, engaging, successful and happy new year 🙂