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The most important elements that accelerate the profitability and growth of businesses are the marketing and sales departments. Marketing aims to attract attention and generate potential customers by spreading your business and products to large audiences. With the development of technology and the increase in internet usage rate, the market has become more and more digital. Accordingly, the necessity and benefits of using a marketing platform are also increasing. All sized businesses use digital marketing platforms almost necessarily.

Today, more small, large, and medium-sized businesses are trying to reach their target audience through online methods compared to the past. These businesses prefer to use marketing platforms from online marketing methods to reach and interact with their target audience, that is, consumers.

The most important reasons why companies prefer marketing platforms are that the internet allows real-time interaction with target audiences and that marketing platforms are more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

By using the digital marketing platform, determining the target audience correctly and choosing the right message to be conveyed, a noticeable increase in sales can be achieved in a short time by allocating a low budget. With marketing automation, you can personalize and categorize your customers according to the habits of your target audience and send automatic messages in various ways.

The marketing platform can be considered as a sub-application of customer relationship management and customer experience management. The marketing platform helps businesses organize their relationships with existing customers and potential customers. In addition, adding the obtained data to the automation process helps to reduce the need for human resources and time. It can contribute to business turnover by saving labor and cost. Most importantly, it helps a more efficient customer experience by discovering customer interests.

Let us, deep dive, into the benefits of a marketing platform.

Track Your Performance Easier

Knowing what works in advertising will help you maintain and improve your success and let you know where you need to improve. With marketing platforms, it has become much easier to collect data on your performance, such as conversions and click-through rates. The marketing platform increases your performance by shortening your decision-making processes and enabling you to make decisions based on the data obtained. In this way, you can monitor your business performance more easily and make profitability and productivity sustainable, the main purpose of marketing.

The metrics obtained through the marketing platform will be very useful for finding new strategies. The measurements obtained can answer questions such as the results of previous marketing campaigns, which campaign should be shared with which message, who the target audience will be, and what should be done for the targeted campaign to be successful in previous campaigns.

Increase Your Campaign Efficiency

Marketing automation provides convenience to businesses by allowing you to create campaigns with a single click. The marketing platform is one of the keys to increasing your business’ campaign efficiency. The marketing platform strategy provides a comprehensive plan to convert visitors to your business into an automated system. It can also offer a high return on investment by increasing productivity.

Business marketing departments use a marketing platform to automate marketing campaigns and sales activities to increase revenue and maximize efficiency. The marketing platform serves to measure the overall ROI in campaigns as well as functions such as lead generation.

Marketing automation enables you to implement a digital advertising strategy without having to manually press the submit button on every campaign, email, or message. In this way, you can focus on other points that need to be done after the campaign and make effective changes by analyzing and controlling your plan after the results start to come.

Connect with New and Hard-to-Reach Audiences

One of the most important goals of marketing is to analyze the target audience well and to produce the right messages for the target audience. For their marketing strategies to be successful, companies aim to increase loyalty to the company by correctly identifying the target audience and connecting with this audience. Performance marketing unlocks new markets by connecting the company with audiences on every platform.

One of the indicators of how well a business’s digital marketing efforts work is how many of the people who visit the website can turn them into leads. Lead generation, the term used for potential new customer generation and its management, is a marketing term that describes the process of influencing customers who are interested in the offered product or service and converting them into new customers. The process of generating leads and initiating customer interest or inquiry into a business’s products and services is called lead generation in marketing. As LeadGen is a lead generation process, it is an important part of companies’ sales processes. Thanks to the marketing platform, customers can be easily personalized, so it is possible to convert them into new customers by analyzing the leads formed on the website or other interaction points.

Seize the Opportunity to Use an Effective Budget

Both the effort and the cost of disseminating the messages desired to be given with digital marketing strategies to large masses have decreased. It has become easier to reach the right target audience with a low budget compared to traditional marketing methods.

The following steps should be followed to seize opportunities to use effective budgets:

  • Create a sales funnel,
  • Be aware of your operational costs,
  • Determine the marketing budget according to the business objectives,
  • Position marketing as an investment, not a cost,
  • Evaluate your growth stage,
  • Read current and future trends accurately.

Improve Customer Retention

Since people today spend most of their time posting on social media and following other people’s posts, it can be assumed that potential customers are online. With digital marketing strategies, businesses can communicate with their target audience wherever they are.

When you personalize the e-mail content for your customers, one of the marketing platform strategies, and send campaigns based on their interests, they will be more likely to open your e-mails, and customer continuity will be ensured by establishing mutual relationships. Delivering the right content to the right target audience not only increases the probability of a customer’s purchase but also helps them become a loyal customer.

Get More Visibility on Campaign Performance

One of the most important criteria for the success of marketers is to have brand and product visibility. Thanks to the marketing platform, you can send the right message to the right target audience, so your business is positioned correctly, and you interact with the customer who really needs to see and know about your business. This interaction can be categorized thanks to marketing automation and the customer is more confronted with the content related to the product he is interested in.

While traditional marketing strategy offers one-way communication, digital marketing strategies allow two-way communication. The only thing businesses need to do is to determine the target audience correctly and interact with marketing automation.

There are many different marketing strategies to reach success in the business world. Among the marketing methods, ‘omnichannel marketing’ means holistic marketing, while ‘multichannel marketing’ means handling marketing channels separately. Both marketing methods seek to interact with customers through multiple communication channels.

By using marketing automation with omnichannel marketing method, the business can have more visibility and the customer experience can be perfected.

Get Higher Conversions

With marketing automation, you can interact with your target audience in an effective way. Being able to interact in real-time is the most important. You can achieve higher conversion results in a short time for the work you do for marketing.

Being able to measure with the digital marketing platform is one of the most important factors for determining your strategy. It is quite easy to obtain analyzes such as who and how many people reach a campaign using marketing channels, and which customers are interested in.

Handling all aspects of customers’ interests with the data obtained as a result of the studies carried out with marketing automation will help high-converting customer experience. The marketing platform should be preferred by many businesses as it will automate the marketing processes and steps, helping to achieve higher conversions, efficiency, and profitability at a lower cost.

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