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Walking hand in hand with technology marketing continues its fast evolution. Every year we embrace new concepts, strategies, and tools to create satisfying experiences for our audiences. Today from enterprises to SMEs and one-person companies, the magical word “engagement” finds its foundation in MarTech progress. 2019 marketing trends have strong bonds with technology as well.

In our farewell blog post to 2018, we would like to share marketing resolutions that we believe will add value to your business. We hope they will help you in increasing productivity and efficiency in your marketing and brand communication efforts.

Moving Forward to Hyper-Personalization

Marketers talked about personalization a lot in the past, but new consumer profile showed us that we needed to step further. With super connectivity power in their hands and countless choices on their screens, they want communications at the right time, place and with the relevant context. That means understanding the consumers with real-time data as well as how they behaved in the past. Brands that unify the data across channels and focus on customer intelligence create seamless experiences and increase satisfaction. Systems that affect and process customer interactions (like campaign management, marketing automation, CRM, etc.) should work in harmony to better understand your audience.

New Form of Brand Communication: Conversational Experiences

We live in an era where consumers love to communicate via conversational tools. (Messaging app monthly user numbers exceeded the social media monthly user numbers.)  The rise of messaging opened the way to the chatbot, the talk of the town especially in the last two years. After first excitement settled down, marketing world moved to place more productive and realistic bots. The examples in industries like banking and beauty proved us once planned and implemented with sector and customer realities and with a solid strategy chatbots add considerable value to engagement, cost efficiency, and ROI improvement. With a market size set to exceed 1.34 billion USD by 2024, chatbots will maintain its importance in the business world. Progress in AI, ML and voice technologies will also be driving forces behind this expansion. To summarize, brands should define their strategy regarding conversational experience and move to the implementation stage in 2019 to stay competitive.

The Comeback of the Permission Marketing

In 2017 and 2018, GDPR was a word we came across a lot in the marketing world. (GDPR stands for General Data Policy Regulation). Even though the regulation rules organizations that serve EU citizens or customers, it brought personal data privacy issues to surface in the global scene. Especially marketers need to be more careful about how they collect and manage consumer data from now on. From brand communication to campaigns, regulations will continue to affect the planning and execution of marketing activities. In 2019, consent and permission management will be among the top priorities of marketers.

The rise of New Engagement Mediums

Marketing technology continues its progress in bringing new tools and methods to engage better with our audiences. Video marketing is one of these crucial topics. The continuous increase of Youtube usage, Google’s testing of video carousel search results and social media giants’ introduction of features like live video, long videos, and video chat indicate that marketers need to take video marketing more seriously.  Again, the global increase in mobility pushes the business world to prepare for the mobile-only world. Google’s mobile-first indexing will be a hot topic again in the marketing world in 2019. Reaching the customers within the right context and creating relevant and useful content will be crucial for the success.

We, your friends in SmartMessage wish you a happy year with full of successful campaigns and engagement stories.

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