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As we embrace the new year, we analyzed the interest for our 2021 content as a tradition. In the light of statistics, we can clearly state that email marketing is here to stay. The demand for marketing automation continues while chatbots are more engaged with business life. Here are the top 2021 blog posts from SmartMessage.

Benefits of Email Marketing For Your Business

Email still stays as the most profitable channel for many businesses. In our blog post detailing other benefits, we focused on the capabilities of this efficient source. Statistically, the demand for email continues to grow all around the globe. Check out again how email marketing empowers the business world.

Omnichannel Marketing and the Pandemic

Pandemic is reshaping the way we live and do business. For commercial success, digital communication gained importance more than ever. Our blog post on the pandemic and omnichannel marketing indicates how the digital channel strategy became essential in reaching targets. Click to see why omnichannel gained more importance with the pandemic.

How to Choose the Ideal Marketing Automation Tool

Automation became a beneficial source in increasing marketing efficiency. Our blog post lists the points to check before choosing the tool. Click and ask these questions before you invest on platforms.

The Importance of the Sender Information in Email Marketing

We continuously share tips and tricks to increase your email marketing success on our blog posts. One of the specific examples, the sender information post gained attraction in 2021. Click to check again to remember the essential detail in email marketing.

OTP and Its Benefits for Your Business

Our last popular blog post is from the mobile communication area. OTP (One Time Password) is one of the most common methods brands use to decrease the risk level in personal information while accessing a website or application. Our blog post summarizes the use and benefits of OTP activities to increase security. Feel free to get information on this useful method.

We wish you a wonderful year ahead. Keep on following us for fresh tips and tricks on digital engagement in 2022 🙂