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Every year we share insights, tips, and tricks for better engagement with audiences via our website, and 2020 was no different.  Even though, as humans, we struggled with the pandemic all around the world, we still kept faith in better days through continuing to work hard, exchanging ideas, and sharing knowledge. As our reflection of these attempts, we would like to share with you our top 5 blog posts from 2020. Especially for those who missed the posts, we believe it will be a helpful exercise to remember some practical tips for digital marketing.

1) Keeping the engagement even in uncertain times

Our post sharing tips for keeping the engagement with your audience in times like COVID-19 became a post of interest due to increasing needs to find ways to communicate better with customers in hard times like pandemic. The article even summarized the emotional side of the matter and was warmly welcome. Click to remember how you can revise your strategy to keep your relations alive with your users.

2) Our research on the pandemic’s impact on communication in the business world

We ran a search on our system based on e-mail and SMS channels, including more than 550 million deliveries in 71 sectors. Click to see how the pandemic affected digital communication in the business world.

3) Pandemic’s relation with customer experiences

As the pandemic affected all aspects of life, the customer experience was another topic that brands spent time on. In our blog post, we summarized which factors became more important to continue to deliver experiences that consumers expect. You may check the insightful post about the customer experience here.

4) It’s all about the omnichannel

One of the most-read posts was again around the omnichannel topic. Our classic post explained why having different channels and orchestrating them was crucial for delivering the best for the consumers. You may remember the omnichannel tips here.

5) How to choose a marketing automation tool?

Our detailed guide included questions you needed to ask before choosing a marketing automation platform. If you did not invest yet, we advise you to check this blog post. You can easily reach the blog post on how to choose a  marketing automation tool via this link.

Let’s meet at new insightful blog posts in 2021 as well. We will be waiting for you 🙂