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The Corona COVID-19 epidemic, which has become widespread all over the world, has deeply affected the business world. Especially highlighting the importance of digital transformation, the disease showed that digital channels are now a necessity to reach the masses. Companies have attempted to increase their intensity in digital communication in order to strengthen their relations with their customers.


As a brand serving in omnichannel communication in the corporate world, we focused on the effect of the epidemic on digital message sending. Our research, based on e-mail and SMS channels includes more than 550 million deliveries in 71 sectors.


Corona effect in digital messaging


According to the data we have analyzed, there is a 70 percent monthly increase in e-mail and SMS channels used in digital communication compared to the pre-Corona period. It is seen that the increase for email is 85 percent and for the SMS channel is 62 percent.


Digital communication increased in many different industries


When analyzed sectorally, it is seen that there is an increase in digital message sending in almost three quarters of the total. E-commerce has been the sector with the highest growth. Especially consumers’ efforts to provide many services over the Internet instead of going out seem to have caused e-commerce brands to be more active in digital communication. Again, among the sectors where the deliveries increase the most, there are areas of energy distribution, insurance, law and financial consultancy. Increases have been observed even in sectors (such as real estate, event marketing) that are predicted to be most affected by the pandemic.


The content was also driven by Corona


It was observed that institutions were active in terms of empathizing with their masses, instilling confidence and sharing new conditions of service, especially with the effect of the epidemic. While online activity notifications such as directing consumers to digital channels and webinars came to the fore, the epidemic deeply affected the content planning of especially marketers and corporate communication professionals.


You can take a closer look at our research with our infographic study:


SmartMessage Corona Infographic