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While moving from print media to digital information sources, e-bulletin publications attract great attention with their environmentally friendly structure. E-bulletins, which can be easily accessed at any time via mobile phones, tablets and laptops, have now become the first choice of institutions. Once you have the necessary prior knowledge, “preparing an e-bulletin” is a very practical process.

What is E-Bulletin?

An e-bulletin is an electronic news source containing regular updates of your company or website via e-mail. An e-mail newsletter is also called a digital newsletter or electronic newsletter. E-bulletin can be prepared as a web page or as a pdf extension. It works with the membership system and is sent regularly to the members who register by giving their e-mails. In this way, the developments of the company are transferred to the interested parties very quickly. It is preferred because due to reduction of the use of paper, reduces postage costs and is fast.

How to Prepare an E-Bulletin?

“How to prepare an e-bulletin?” Before proceeding to the answer to the question, there are elements to be remembered: First of all, the rules to be considered while preparing the e-bulletin should be taken into account. E-bulletin samples should be reviewed and attention should be paid to ensure that the electronic bulletin prepared is not spam mail. While preparing e-mails, having a unique design gives them a privilege.

Before proceeding to the preparation phase of the e-bulletin, construct the messages you want to convey. Create a template for the newsletter. Place the information you want to convey in the template, without exaggerating but conspicuously. Consider file size when placing images. If necessary, take advantage of the tools used for e-newsletter preparation. Make sure that the language you use in the article is appropriate for the audience you are addressing. Improve your e-bulletin style in line with the feedback you receive.

Things to Consider While Preparing E-bulletin

When preparing e-bulletins, make sure that they are attractive and well-designed. Pay attention to the size and colors of the texts you want to attract attention. While preparing the e-bulletin, pay attention to the titles you will use. Engaging titles increase the number of clicks. It is important that the first sentences you use are interesting. Pay attention to the size, resolution and volume of the photos included in the digital newsletter. Put important announcements and discounts in the right place with attention-grabbing points.

You can make referrals by linking to your website from the e-bulletin. The content of the e-bulletin must be compatible with the e-mail subject you send. Send e-newsletters on preferred times and days, so you can increase their chances of being read. It is important that the newsletter you prepare is not considered spam. For this purpose, follow the list given below.

Browse E-Newsletter Samples

When preparing an e-newsletter, reviewing a few examples will help you produce more creative designs that will inspire you, and compelling newsletters. For this purpose, it will be helpful for you to subscribe to electronic bulletins with a high subscriber count. You can also access e-bulletin samples over the Internet.

Beware of Spam Mail

It is critical that the email you prepare is not considered spam. Otherwise, your e-bulletin will go to waste without being read. To avoid spam e-mail;

  • Do not include titles such as “promotion” or “discount” that could be considered spam in the e-mail subject.
  • Do not use special signs such as “&,%,+,$,!” on the mail subject
  • Do not use too many colors in your e-bulletin article. Prefer a simpler structure.
  • Do not use “risky words” that are considered spam in the electronic newsletter.
  • Let your sender name reflect you or your company.
  • Offer the user the option to unsubscribe.

Create Uniquely Designed Mails

Have a template of your own company. Thus, create uniquely designed e-newsletters. Do not imitate the digital releases you are inspired by. A unique design becomes your signature. This is an issue that companies should pay attention to at least as much as “logo designs”.

Pay Attention to E-Bulletin Language

It is valuable that the language you use while preparing the e-bulletin is in a style befitting the members and your company. The fact that the newsletter is understandable, easy to read and easy to follow attracts more readers. A more corporate writing style with carefully chosen words should be preferred instead of a sloppy, smug, sloppy language.

Consider Feedbacks

Evaluate the feedback you receive from e-bulletin members. Thus, by making changes in line with reasonable suggestions, you can produce a more successful newsletter.

Construct the Message

Before writing the e-newsletter, design it and construct your message. Thus, you will not experience any confusion while preparing the publication, on the contrary, you will publish the newsletter in a very practical way.

Using a content editor while preparing an e-bulletin will help you to prepare more content faster and more effectively. For example, you can create engaging e-newsletters with SmartMessage’s Creator’s convenient features such as Drag and Drop. You can create your designs faster and benefit from templates.-*0For other useful tips on email marketing, you can read other posts on our blog.