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Today, as the weight of the Internet and therefore digital marketing increases, the use and impact rates of Internet tools are also increasing.

Internet users have ideas about how to create an e-mail, but the “mailing work” includes a digital communication skill above these ideas. In this context, “mailing”; It stands out as the e-mail bulletin design created to convey the message that is intended to be conveyed to the desired audience in the promotion of the innovations that corporate companies will offer to the product or target audience.

When using digital marketing, applying the following parameters on what to do and what to avoid in effective communication increases the success of the “mailing” work.

Have a Simple and Clear Design Goal

The e-mail design you prepare should have a content that is easy for all kinds of people in the target audience to understand, even if it is sent in bulk. Because with an e-mail content that is written in a simple way that everyone can understand and that preserves its meaning with different concepts, the message you want to give will be interesting and readable. In this regard, do not forget that as a rule, e-mails with a “mailing” design should not only consist of images.

Test with Spam Filter

While reviewing the information about the e-mail, you should not ignore the “spam mails”. Email designs sent to many people at the same time without any purpose are called “spam”. Of course, you do not want an e-mail sent with a “mailing” design related to the subject to reach the target audience as “spam” mail. Then you should do a “spam filter test” to see if your email is being seen as “spam” by addresses in the mailing list.

Use A/B Testing

The “A/B test”, which analyzes statistically, manages to compare different email types. As a result of the use of this test; You can measure the degree to which your own e-mail design successfully fulfills your targeted changes.

Do A/B testing; It includes steps to forward different design templates to different e-mail addresses. Considering time and benefit criteria while doing the test adds value to your satisfaction in getting results.

Mailing Design Compatible with All Devices

Among the things to be considered in the use of e-mail; “Preparing a new e-mail with a design that can be viewed from all electronic devices that e-mail can reach” comes first. The “mailing design” has to be suitable for different mail systems and electronic devices that use them, in order to appeal to all people with different lifestyles and work networks. If a benefit is really expected from the “mailing” process, it is imperative to prepare a design suitable for all devices.

Importance of Call To Action

As a result of all your marketing efforts in the digital environment, the general name of the language and methods you will use to activate your target audience is called “call to action”. These actions, which are not very complicated, prepared in a simple structure, but have a very strong effect on activating the customer, quickly create a striking situation on the target audience. In this context, it can be said that it would be a good step to create different target-oriented e-mail types.

Original Content

The originality of the content you use in your designs makes your e-mails more remarkable when “mailing”. As a result, the success level of your “mailing” work, which offers a different and interesting text from other email examples, in attracting the attention of the target audience, increases. Original content has the potential to be much more interesting for internet users, who are drowning in the frequency of e-mails, and even prompt them to show immediate reflexes. During the “Mailing” operation; If there is no original content in all the e-mail suggestions you will receive, it is possible that your “mailing” work will be wasted.

What are the Advantages of E-Mail Design?

Let’s point out that the most risk-free and cost-effective one among today’s marketing efforts is through e-mails. For example; gmail e-mail samples contain content that is used by almost all corporate businesses. With this method, you can reach your target audience exactly. You can reinforce the message you want to give to your customers with different visuals and graphics you have prepared. You can even decide for yourself how many people you want to reach.

Make a Difference with Editor’s Features

When choosing the email sending tool you use, look for a content editor. E-mail sending platform with content editor will make your job easier and help you to prepare more interesting e-mails. For example, with the content editor of SmartMessage, you can use the “drag and drop” feature to quickly compose your mails. In addition to being able to easily make e-mail designs without the need for code knowledge, you can proceed from the sample templates. You can create examples that will not cause problems especially in terms of mobile compatibility.

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