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Marketers need to understand their audiences better to succeed in modern business life. The competition is fierce sources are limited. What is more – increasing expectations on the customer experience side. Where to begin with a constrained budget and time?

Enter the marketing platforms to increase the efficiency of marketing activities. Whether running campaigns or sending notifications, they act as the most effective toolbox of the modern-day marketer. With automation on board, they optimize many time-consuming routine activities while increasing ROI. An easy-to-use, centralized, high-performing marketing platform is a gateway to engagement success.

The fundamentals of a fruitful marketing platform include high performance, integration flexibility, ease of use, centralized management, and effective reporting. Based on these pillars, there are some crucial capabilities a marketing platform should provide.

Let us deep-dive into these vital elements that help marketers succeed and understand their audiences better.

Customer Data Unification

To run better campaigns, marketers need to synch and unify customer data from any source into a single profile – where they can control and manage contacts’ communication preferences. Consent management became more important as many personal data regulations started, like GDPR. With successful data unification and consent management in place, consumers can get notifications they prefer through the channels they choose. Unified and permitted customer data increases customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Campaign Management

What comes to your mind first when someone talks about a marketing platform? Most will say “The campaigns”. Creating and managing the content for campaigns across multiple channels like email, push, and SMS (omnichannel capability) is a crucial need. To create a holistic experience for the leads & customers, marketers need a reliable and high-performing campaign management tool. An all-in-one marketing platform should deliver a high campaign management performance and lead to profitable results.

Conversational Experience Management

Today more consumers connect with brands through conversational channels mainly chatbots. Also, inbound communication continues to increase since customers use social media channels and instant messaging tools more to engage. Chatbots and web chat applications powered by artificial intelligence enable marketers to create new communication opportunities, stay in touch 24/7, and maximize customer satisfaction. A marketing platform should not miss this skill which increases interactivity with consumers.

Marketing Automation

It is an obvious fact that automation helps marketing teams a lot in terms of reducing operational costs and increasing ROI. Automating the entire customer journey with automation helps marketers use time more efficiently. Also, it increases the chance of upselling and cross-sale. Advanced marketing automation capability also empowers you with real-time data use, meaning you can connect with your users at any meaningful engagement opportunity.

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