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Communication speed is increasing day by day. Commercial businesses are trying new methods to serve their customers faster as consumers are looking for answers to their problems more effectively and quickly. The chatbot method comes to the rescue of both businesses and customers, providing information to customers fast and ensuring that brands are one step ahead of their competitors.

What is Chatbot?

In short, the chatbot is a dialogue-based communication method using artificial intelligence on the internet. It’s a system that works not only on websites but also for banking systems by sending messages to customers in case of security emergencies or for information purposes. The chatbot, frequently used in banking, air transport, courier, health, and e-commerce sectors, can quickly respond to customers’ questions and problems with the dialogue method. You can get more detailed information about the performances of this device in different sectors from the below examples. 

  • “Dear Guest, your flight time is approaching. You can quickly check in from the link below. We wish you a good flight.”
  • “Dear Customer, we’re very sorry for the problem you’re experiencing. Your complaint has been conveyed to the relevant departments, and we’ll provide a solution as soon as possible. We wish you a good day.”

We’ve all come across such messages. These messages, which we see on Whatsapp, webchat, and SMS, generally work based on the Chatbot system. 

How to make a Chatbot?

This system is a kind of robot software based on artificial intelligence technology. Users can communicate in an electronic environment by correspondence as if there is a person in front of them. Customers or prospects use the chatbot system to get information about any product, service, or transaction, ask questions or seek solutions. Hundreds of transactions can be done through the chatbot, such as ordering food, getting information about bank account movements, buying movie tickets, making flight check-in, and making hotel reservations.

Chatbot systems are usually developed by loading preconstructed questions or actions and assigning a specific response to these queries. This means that when an individual signals for a response from the chatbot, a preconstructed reply will be given. This system can be based on entire questions or use specific keywords to provide the user with relevant information. 

How Does the Chatbot Work?

The chatbot system has two response methods, reactive and proactive. In the reactive system, artificial intelligence intervenes and answers when the user asks a question. This method isn’t activated until the user asks a question or asks for a solution.

In the proactive method, automatic replies are sent for information and warning purposes. In the banking and e-commerce sector, the proactive method is used more often. When there’s an unexpected movement in the bank account or there’s a decrease in the price of the product under review, an information message is automatically sent to the user. The robot’s proactive system starts the dialogue if the user replies to the message.

What are the Advantages of Using Chatbots?

Research shows that it has become a necessity for all large companies to switch to the chatbot system. This system, which uses artificial intelligence, works like a customer representative and responds to customers quickly. Companies that transfer the most accurate information to their customers are found more reliable by consumers. We can list the important advantages of the chatbot system for companies as follows:

  • It helps to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency in solving simple problems. Chatbot stands out as a more economical solution than call center service.
  • It can provide customer satisfaction by instantly responding to customer questions and solutions to simple problems. The customer, who uses the system, is satisfied because his questions are answered quickly. As a natural result of this situation, the continuity of the customers is ensured.
  • Companies with good customer data contribute to their income by instantly offering customer-specific products and services.

Types of Chatbots

Chatbot development processes are being done faster day by day by technology companies. The types can be divided into three groups when they’re classified by evaluating their interaction technology and integration capabilities. If we diversify the chatbot system according to the technology used, we can divide it into 3 groups as seen below. 

Menu-Word-Based Chatbot System

This system recognizes the words in the written question and matches them with the answers. In this system, it’s essential that the data loaded be as accurate and as extensive as possible; otherwise, there’s the risk of the chatbot not being able to answer the questions that are asked. One of the downsides to using this chatbot is that it can only answer basic and straightforward questions. The more extensive queries may need to be directed to a human and could take a bit longer to get answered.

Expression-Based Chatbot System

This type of system works by using machine learning technology to recognize, interpret, answer and then learn from the query asked. This type of system recognizes and interprets the text written by the user and then it gives the correct answer. 

Dialogue-Based Chatbot System

This is a system equipped with artificial intelligence technology. Dialogue-based systems work with a deep learning system. It follows the process of the dialogue as well as makes sense of the text written by the user, and gives the correct answer to each question. Based on the previous example, “Is the Whatsapp chatbot system paid?” It also makes sense of other user questions following the question and gives the correct answer.

As chatbot usage increased, chatbot marketing started to gain importance. Companies developing this technology are competing to develop the best system. These companies continue to create the most accurate software by using intensive studies on the chatbot production system. They also provide after-sales support services through this technology. 

What Are Chatbots Used For?

Companies think that they offer their products and services in the best possible way. However, each user’s habits and expectations may differ, and even the same consumer’s expectations and demands may change over time. In this case, the user’s perspective on the brand will naturally change.

Companies have had to change their systems according to customer demands and product expectations. It’s precisely at this stage that the importance of company-customer communication emerges. Evaluating the customers’ demands, problems or questions in the fastest way and finding solutions can make all the difference, particularly if you’re using a more effective system than your competitors. Companies that provide direct and fast solutions to customer problems ensure their customers’ continuity and have a more corporate appearance.

In summary, many large companies use chatbot systems to solve customer problems and strengthen their product information system. With this method, trustworthy companies also increase their profitability as operational expenses decrease.

Different Chatbot Usage Forms

Companies prefer different chatbot systems according to their area and customer types. Finance companies are one of the sectors where the chatbot system is used the most. It’s observed that there is an intensive use in banking transactions. Chatbot systems, which we frequently encounter on e-commerce sites, offer transaction information such as sales, returns and product information to their customers. Chatbot use is widespread in the aviation industry in ticket sales, refund, and check-in processes.

Chatbot systems preferred by tourism agencies provide significant convenience to customers and companies. Cargo transportation companies also use chatbots to improve customer interaction and speed up information exchange. 

Companies use different chatbot systems according to the types of customers or the types of products they offer. For some companies, the ‘menu-word-based chatbot system’ with the simplest software is sufficient. However, some companies have to use the ‘expression-based chatbot system’. These two insufficient systems, especially in the financial sector, aren’t preferred in the banking sector. ‘Dialogue-based chatbot systems’ is the preferred system of the financial industry.

To add a chatbot to your website, companies specializing in this technology should be contacted. You can contact us immediately about creating a chatbot, which has become a vital marketing instrument.

Which Chatbot is Right For You?

Chatbot systems can be incredibly beneficial for any business, opening up a world of opportunity and increasing the ability to communicate with clients. Today, it isn’t just good enough to have the best products or services on the market, but you also need to have a quick turnaround time when conversing with clients. If a customer cannot get the answer they’re looking for from you, your competition is a mere click away. A chatbot can help speed up the rate at which information is processed and relayed to the consumer, increasing sales and helping your customers remain informed. 

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